Am CH Symarun's Incredibly Debonair



Am CH. Bing's Mr. Debonair


Can CH. Fantasy's Incredibly Symarun ROM


Carol Randle


Vernelle Arnold


Tonia Holibaugh

Danielle is the love of my life! With her, the birth of my
idea of the true look of what a Shih Tzu should be took root. Her
large round head with her short high placed nose, and large soft
round wide set eyes, exemplifies the correct expression a Shih Tzu
should have. Danielle's show career was over almost before it began,
in just 6 shows with a Specialty Win and 3 majors with Handler Tonia
Holibaugh. Look for her kids and grandkids in the ring this coming year!

Song ~You're The Inspiration~
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